Wish List

Themes we're looking to cover include:

  • Corporate Business
  • Creative Business
  • Health Care and Medical
  • Three Generational Family Lifestyle
  • Family Activity/Health
  • Studio Concepts


Having access to great locations adds to the experience and the shot count.  Here are a few of the locations we're looking for:

  • Business locations - Company headquarters, Ad agencies, Hi-tech
  • Large family homes - with beautiful gardens or access to a park or beach
  • Large studio complexes - maybe with 4-5 separate shooting spaces


Talk to anyone that has been on a CEF shoot and work it was not. Something about coming together for a common goal with no requirements -- other than simply being creative and having fun. Here are just a few of the folks we need:

  • Production - you know who you are
  • Models - a great way to get portfolio shots
  • Make-up artists and stylists – the fun people
  • Digital techs – the image brains
  • Craft services – the most important part

Self Produced Shooters

Every year we consistently find that a large number of our better images come from the smaller self-funded shoots. Photographers typically do a one day shoot with a scaled down crew and a great location.

If you're one of these photographers and want to join our community let us know. It's all about what you have access to and what opportunities present them selves. We're open to hearing about them and if it's a viable project that will create saleable imagery then we'll help you get it off the ground.

Examples include: Access to a home / office / your own studio / a beach you can get free of charge. Or a college full of students happy to model for free. Maybe just your neighbours' kids or a newborn baby?

Whatever it is, if it's a good fit, we'll provide shot lists and visuals to help you get the most out of your shoot - In some instances if we feel a small amount of production budget would go a long way to making the shoot more successful, we may suggest funding an aspect of it.

Here are a few great ideas for small inexpensive shoots:

  • Working from home - laptops/ipads/smart phones - one or two good models and some hi tech props
  • Studio concepts - props and a hand model
  • Beauty / Wellness - just one gorgeous girl and studio
  • Kids - if you have a cute child or three you can round up for a shoot , I can give you a list of the best selling kids shots to work on
  • Healthy Eating
  • Teens
  • Business travel
  • Family
  • Sporting concepts
  • DIY /renovation project
  • Seniors
  • Small business - a family run restaurant, a florist, an internet cafe

Contact Fiona Watson for more information. 

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