Making a Difference

From South Africa to Cambodia, Guatemala to India, Compassionate Eye Foundation's partners empower citizens who could use support.  Each charitable organization supports CEF's commitment to meeting the health, education, and sustainability needs of the developing world.  This could mean the "adoption" of a village in India by Free the Children or Partners in the Horn of Africa building two new classrooms in Ethiopia.

Why Health, Education, and Sustainability?

When Robert Kent was traveling the world as a stock photographer, he was shocked by the poverty and lack of resources in developing communities.  He decided Compassionate Eye could best serve the needs of these developing communities by focusing on health, education, and sustainability.  It's a three-pronged attack on poverty that approaches a community holistically.  If people have medicine but their water is polluted, they won't stay healthy.  If they have clean water but aren't taught proper sanitation, it won't stay drinkable.

In this way, Compassionate Eye endeavors to create communities that are self-reliant, not dependent on aid.  Each partner organization is carefully selected by CEF to ensure they support this mission.  They must be efficient and cost-effective, produce measurable results, and earn the trust and support of the communities they enter.  Most importantly, when they leave, the community must continue to thrive and grow.

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