Global village

To help communities in need, Compassionate Eye Foundation has built a community of passionate volunteers spread throughout the world. Comprised of individuals with varied and unique talents, members of the Compassionate Eye community share a common purpose: a commitment to making the world a better place. 

The backbone of the foundation is its photographers. These talented men and women led by founder Robert Kent are some of the world’s best stock photographers. They generously donate their time once a year or more at Compassionate Eye shoots to produce artistic, eye-catching images that, when sold, help to fund the foundation. 

The foundation’s valued partner is image provider Getty Images. Because of this company’s close collaboration, the images that the photographers donate are sold via the internet to art directors throughout the world.

Another huge component of Compassionate Eye Foundation’s community is its project partners.  These charitable organizations are the beneficiaries of the funds produced by the photographers through Getty Images.  Each of these worthy partners provides needed support to developing communities in the areas such as education, health, and sustainability.

Donors are another important part of the Compassionate Eye Foundation. Whether it’s a monetary gift made online or a corporate sponsorship that supports a CEF shoot, no donation is too small to make an impact. Our low overhead, excellent projects, good reporting coupled with our leveraged funding model make CEF a unique and valuable charitable organization.

Finally, and by no means least important to the success of the foundation are Compassionate Eye’s volunteers. They come in many forms: from the models and crew members who donate their time at CEF photo shoots to the talented writers, designers, and publicists who spread the foundation’s message.

Whatever the visionaries of the Compassionate Eye family contribute, they all know the results are in the photos. (No, not the stock shots, although they’re quite good.) The proof is in the smiling images of people throughout the world they know they helped.

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