Our Funding Model

Compassionate Eye Foundation is based on a very simple model.  Photographers take pictures, Getty Images sells the images and the proceeds fund projects worldwide that support education, health, and sustainability.

The photos are taken at CEF shoots in locations throughout the world from Vancouver to London.  Talented photographers and crews including models and techs donate their time at these day-long shoots to produce a variety of high-quality stock images.

The photographers donate the copyright for these images and they are uploaded to Getty Images.  Getty Images sells the images to corporate media buyers, creative directors, and webmasters and the royalties are given to CEF.  Getty Images also donates an additional share of the company's revenue from each licensed image.

Compassionate Eye grants the money it receives to worthy project partners around the world that fulfill the foundation's vision of improving the education, health, and sustainability needs of the developing world.

It's a simple model and a simple mission but tackling the problems of the developing world is never easy.  Therefore Compassionate Eye Foundation continues to grow and adapt to the meet the changing needs of a complex world. With the hard work of its creative community, CEF knows it's up to the task.

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