2014 so far

In Sierra Leone the Peer Literacy program is funded for another year and the programme is expanded. A new programme, Teacher Empowerment and Training, is also funded to address the need for improving the skills of rural primary teachers.

Funds to support elementary school education and a Diversicado (Junior High) scholarship is funded in Guatemala. Included are funds for school supplies, literacy books in Spanish and Mam, a preschool teacher, a computer teacher and a part time music teacher.


CEF holds its Eighth Annual Solstice Shoot with a "shoot season" that starts in April and ends in December.

Malaforia Elementary School opens in Sierra Leone. Older students tutor primary school children through the CAUSE Kids Peer Literacy programme.

Programmes supporting elementary school education and Diversicado scholarships continue.in Guatemala.

Women in Kenya's Masaai Mara area continue to receive financial counselling and are empowered though microfinance loans.

In Ethiopia CEF funds a project to meet the basic needs of orphans and vulnerable children so that they can continue their education.

The Kauk Chrey water project and Tonie Lake solar panel project are completed in Cambodia.


CEF has its Seventh Annual Solstice Shoot.

CEF projects now extend to eight countries: Cambodia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Zambia.

The CAUSE Kids Peer Literacy programme in Sierra Leone is expanded and improved. Funds for a new elementary school in Malaforia are approved.

Guatemalan students' education is supported with school supplies, a preschool teacher, a computer literacy teacher, scholarships and infrastructure improvements to schools.

Construction ends on Twitti School in Zambia. It opens in July with CEF providing furniture for two classrooms.

In Kenya CEF supports clean water projects and a financial training and microfinance project in the Masaai Mara region.

A grief counselling project is funded for children suffering the loss of parents in the Khayelitsha townships of Cape Town, South Africa.

A project to strengthen the employment skills of young people in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is initiated.

Two projects in Cambodia – a water filtration project in Kauk Chrey and the Tonie Lake Solar Panels project – are funded.


CEF continues funding of the CAUSE Kids Peer Literacy programme and supporting the surrounding community in Sierra Leone.

Students are offered scholarships at junior high and technical schools in Guatemala. A preschool structure is built with CEF providing the teacher. A textile project is started for women in the community.

In Ethiopia CEF funds a new project to foster food security. CEF also provides funds for two new schools, one in Ethiopia and one in Sierra Leone.

CEF continues to support Twitti School in Zambia.

CEF holds its Sixth Annual Solstice Shoot.


CEF adds social media as part of its community outreach.

CEF holds its Fifth Annual Solstice Shoot.

CEF projects now extend to six countries: Guatemala, South Africa, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, India and Zambia.

Scholarships for Diversicado students from the community of Bella Vista in Guatemala are funded. CEF partners with Friends of Zambia to fund a three-room block at the Twitti School.

CEF funds a program to support the clean up after a major tropical storm in Guatemala as well as projects fostering tools for entrepreneurs and rabbit husbandry and fruit tree projects.


CEF funds INTECAP scholarships for students in the San Marcos district of Guatemala.

A three-room school is built in the community of Loma Linda, Guatemala.

A CEF project provides textbooks to students in Sierra Leone as well as a peer tutoring programme where older students are trained to teach the primary students phonics and other methods to improve reading skills. The older students' time earns them the funds necessary to continue their education.

Communities in India and Sierra Leone are supported through donations to Free the Children.

A school garden project is funded in South Africa.


The Parent Participation Preschool Project is started in Guatemala. The planning of a sustainability project in agroforestry begins.

Compassionate Eye Foundation (CEF) is awarded charitable status.

CEF provides funds for the Young People Accepting Responsibility Project, educating over 500 rural teenagers in Guatemala.

A clean water project is completed in Nueva Chicajalaj, Guatemala and a pre and post-natal project is funded in the Comitancillo area.

CEF provides funds for art projects in dance and photography at Fezeka School in Guguletu, Cape Town, South Africa.

CEF starts relationships with the Canadian Hunger Foundation in Bati, Ethiopia and Free the Children in Sierra Leone.


January - A Scholarship Program is initiated for students who want to continue their middle school education (Grades 6, 7 and 9). The first of annual donations to the Women's Groups in the Comitancillo area is made.

January - The first CEF images are uploaded on the Getty Images website. Please check here to see the number of images that have been uploaded as of today.

February - The first two CEF images from the 2006 Solstice Shoot are sold. This marks the beginning of royalty generation from the imagery produced at the Summer Solstice Shoot to fund CEF projects.

October - Four volunteers attend the Grade 6 graduation of two more students. During this time, meetings are held at the school to determine which new projects would best serve the community. Two new school sites in nearby communities are assessed.

November - A playground area with basketball hoops and soccer nets is built.


March - Compassionate Eye Foundation (CEF) becomes an official society under the B.C. Society Act.

March - A $10,000 donation allows for the purchase of building materials and covers the costs for a classroom in Tuixoquel, Guatemala.

May - Volunteers from the community and a contractor begin construction of the school classroom.

June 21 - The first annual Summer Solstice Shoot is held. Eleven photographers and their crews donate their time, talent and resulting images to the CEF/Getty Images stock contract. This is an annual event that continues to involve more photographers and their crews from locations around the world.

October - Five members of CEF attend the official opening of the school in Tuixoquel. The first ever Grade 6 graduates receive their diplomas.


March - Robert Kent first visits Guatemala to assess how Compassionate Eye Foundation (CEF) could contribute to this region. A relationship is developed with Alianza, a non-profit organization in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

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