Partners in compassion

CEF would like to give a HUGE thank you to all donors past and present for supporting us throughout the years.  With your help, the foundation keeps growing and our ability to help those in developing countries grows with it.

Take a look at what we've been able to do with your help.

Find out how you can become a donor.

  • Barbara Kaiser
  • Christine & Jeff Read
  • Cindy Prince
  • Dan Rogers
  • Deborah Brakeley
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  • Gladys & George Oelkers
  • Healthy Role Models
  • John Barbisan
  • Luella Cook
  • Mary Docksteader
  • Mildred Stobart
  • Natalie Winterfrost
  • Robert Brown
  • Robert Kent
  • Robyn Kemp
  • Ryan Bragg
  • Scott Posno
  • Susan McDonald
  • Susan Rogers

We'd also like to recognize our anonymous friends who support CEF.  Thank you!

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