Built from the heart

Started in 2005 by successful stock and commercial photographer Robert Kent, Compassionate Eye Foundation is founded on the simple idea that the creative community possesses a unique way to give back to the world and the will to do it.

Robert knew that so much of the world’s educational, health, and sustainability needs went unfulfilled but also was sure that he, as a photographer, had a creative method to help.

Robert approached Getty Images with the dream of a foundation based on a clear mission and a unique royalty-based funding model. On the longest day of the year in his hometown of Vancouver, he and other like-minded artists would shoot a series of photos, those images would be submitted to Getty Images, and the royalties from their sale would fund the foundation’s mission.

That idea has now grown bigger than one day and one location. Robert and a host of talented pro photographers now shoot in a number of major cities, including Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, and London with ambitious plans for more dates and more cities.

The results of these creative efforts have been felt across the globe from youth scholarships in Guatemala to new classrooms in Ethiopia and from a floating clinic in Cambodia to clean water projects in Sierra Leone. Compassionate Eye teams with worthy charitable organizations around the world to help fund these necessary projects.

With the commitment and skills of its dedicated volunteers and donors, Compassionate Eye Foundation plans to continue growing and helping many more developing communities thrive. If you too view the world through a compassionate lens, we invite you to join our community and share in our vision.

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